John Doe

John Doe

“I don’t care how good he is in bed. He creeps me out, and I don’t do guys who freak me out.”


John Doe doesn’t stick out much from the crowd most of the time. He works the streets at night to get himself a hotel room and food. He stays clean now, but isn’t half afraid to get dirty when the time comes.

Known Information

  • Clan: (Gangrel)
  • Covenant: (Circle of the Crone)
  • Childe of (Esteban Vajello)
  • Street Worker


  • I heard he killed his family. No, it’s not a lie, Frankie said so.
  • He won’t go with the ones who actually pay to get you off!
  • … if I find him, I’ll drain him dry too.

John Doe

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