Ysolde Daaïé

Ysolde Daaïé

“Long Beach will survive. I vow that it will be so.”


A regal figure with flowing auburn hair. Her presence commands attention and respect, her movements fluid and graceful. She speaks softly, but it belies a practiced presence.

Known Information

  • Clan: Daeva
  • Covenant: Invictus
  • Childe of
  • Over 200 years old
  • Originates from France

Forms of Address

  • Formerly addressed as: Her Grace Ysolde Daaïé, Prince of Long Beach


  • “The most altruistic Prince the city has ever seen.”
  • “She’s a pushover.”
  • “Finally, a little class returns to Long Beach.”
  • “She’s more terrifying than you know. None have dared rise against her. Not in 300 years.”

Ysolde Daaïé

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