William D'Orleans

Guillaume (William) D’Orléans

“I lived long enough in my own time,” he says. “I would rather position myself in the new order.”


A very proud man in his prime. His posture borders on arrogant, and his presence fills the room. He expects to be treated as the royalty he is.

Known Information

  • Clan: Daeva
  • Covenant: Invictus
  • Childe of
  • Over 200 years old
  • Originates from France
  • Formerly Prince of Paris

Forms of Address

  • Formerly addressed as: His Grace William D’Orléans, Prince of Long Beach


  • “He had to step in during the civil war. If not for him, there wouldn’t be a city left.”
  • “Don’t let his manners fool you. He’s a bastard.”
  • “He once ruled Paris. The whole city. It was a hundred years ago, but that doesn’t matter.”
  • “He hunted the Carthians down until there were none left. Good riddance.”
  • “Mouth made for hoovering.”

William D'Orleans

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