Ursula Atkins

Ursula Atkins

“The results cannot justify the means. There are no results until the action has been done. The process, the means, and the ability to follow the Dragon’s Tail that follows, that is the reason to do anything.”


While she, like any in Log Beach, is well-dressed, Ursula is not pretty. She wasn’t pretty in her mortal days, and undeath hasn’t come with a makeover. Her skin is still remarkably soft, but her hefty size caused the woman to focus more on her mind. Her voice has a sultry husk to it that shows its true beauty when she sings, a rare event anymore.

Known Information


  • “Is she taking notes? Is that allowed?”
  • “I don’t know what it is about her and ghouls, but just don’t tell her you have one.”
  • “He beat her into torpor. She won’t call him out on it.”
  • “I see why her voice didn’t get her Embraced by a Daeva.”

Ursula Atkins

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