Seth Spears

Seth Spears

“You knew my sire, Sebastian Torrence. I remember he didn’t like you very much.” He cracks his knuckles. “Looks like you and me are gonna have a real world conversation, senorita.”


Depending on how much clothing you see him in, you might think he’s pretty damn nice looking. The method of dress often does nothing for him, because he wears loose durable clothing common in gangbanger culture. If you catch him early in the night, he might be wearing something a lot nicer on the eye, just so he can grab a quick bite and move on. One thing to watch out for is that second bulge, where he always has a gun on his person.

Known Information


  • “He’s actually an Invictus spy on the Circle.”
  • “Seth’s sired a dozen times, but he always does it out of the city so they pretend they don’t notice.”
  • “Bitch owes me money.”
  • “He’s got territory in San Diego.”
  • “Fucker.”
  • “He’s the new Priscus. He beat the shit out of Crystal for it.”
  • “Completely uncivilized. I would never believe he was Invictus.”

Seth Spears

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