Noah Peck

Noah Peck

“My pleasure is business.”


Impeccably dressed, great posture, a winning smile, and a serious tone to his eyes that suggests worldly knowledge. Noah presents himself as an important figure in any room, despite his average stature and only mildly toned body.

Known Information


  • “Cradle-robber.”
  • “His food is so good.”
  • “He never puts out on the first date. It’s really annoying.”
  • “You’re the best lay I’ve ever had.”
  • “Advisor went fucking nuts. Guy took it all on the chin like it was nothing.”
  • “They’re saying he saved the city. Seriously.”
  • “He’s got about fifty ghouls. He’s gotta be making some kind of army or something.”

Knowledge of the tongue

  • Callus – Rancid gamy taste; Physical Primary, Mental Secondary, From California, Pissed off, Straight, Wrath/Faith, Nosferatu, Strong and deadly hands
  • Levi Cohen – Dulcet; Social Primary, Mental Secondary, Always lived in long beach, In Love with me, decent health, gay, Lust/Hope, Full name: Levi Gabriel Cohen, American mutt, Empathic (Emotions and Truth), Seductive
  • Darroc Cullen – Dark and sweet; Foreign Kindred, Fearful and Angry, Physical Primary, Mental Secondary, Wrath/Fortitude, Clan: Mekhet, European mutt, Straight, Not a Virgin, Dextrous Fighter, Sneaky Git
  • Lucien Decroix – Wholesome, Filling; Bisexual, Greed/Hope, Social Primary, Physical Secondary, Slut, Full Name: Lucien Etienne Decroix, French heritage, Poet, Ashamed of Self, Flirtatious and self-doubting
  • Demitri – Oily
  • Felix – Burnt fish
  • Thomas Johnson -
  • Marco – Spicy and sweet; from Northern CA, Lusty after bored, very good health, gay, Lust/Temperance, Full name: Marco Morales, Philipino, Dancer, Doctor, Mental Primary, Physical Secondary
  • Ryan Mattingly – Grape Wine; San Diegoan, straight, Quick, Computer-savvy, virgin, Pagan, Pride/Faith, Full Name: Ryan Joseph Mattingly, Mental Primary, Social Secondary, Brittish Family
  • Paul Meyers – Dry and harsh; Lived in Long Beach all his life with a hint of travel, lower health, alcoholic, fairly bitter and envious, Mental Primary, Social Secondary, Straight, Envy/Justice, Full name: Paul Timothy Meyers, American mutt, Academic/researcher, logical arguer
  • Jesse Pryce – Mellow, heavier and semi-sweet; Lived in Long Beach and something more rural, American mutt heritage, Physical Primary, Social Secondary, Full name: Jesse Matthew Pryce, Gluttony/Charity, Very good crafty, rather athletic, fighter, Gay
  • Tony Ramstein – Acerbic yet appetising; From New Jersey, Terrified when tasted, Bisexual, Mental Primary, Social Secondary, Sloth/Charity, Full name: Anthony Marcus Ramstein, Jewish heritage, Polyamorous by nature, Best with a book in hand
  • Cameron Tate – Dolcified and Hot; Quick to anger, Physical Primary, Mental Secondary, EMT, Obscenely Strong, Straight, Easily Seduced, Bad with math, Lust/Temperace, Full Name: Cameron Elliot Tate
  • Esteban Vajello – Mouthwatery and lightly peppered; Mexican man, Desire overriding fear and a hint of anger, Physical Primary, Mental Secondary, Good health, Gay, Lust/Justice, Esteban Juan Vajello, Sorcerous fist-fighter, Good poker face, Used to scaring others, Clan: Gangrel
  • Drew Weaver – Briny and Dry; Widwesterner, Always horny, gay, great health, good in a fist fight, gambler, Physical Primary, Social Secondary, Full name: Andrew Michael Weaver, American Mutt
  • Simon Valentine – Biting and Sweet; From Sacramento

Noah Peck

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